Who will win Super Bowl 2021? Pick, prediction, odds for Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

The date of the Super Bowl 2021 is getting near. People have been speculating about the one who will win the game and get the crown.

Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady in Super Bowl 2021

Who’s going to win anyway?

We know that Tom Brady, 43, is not a new generation in the football verse. And he is the key to lead Buccaneers and mates to get to the final. Back then, the Buccaneers won over Green Bay at 31-26 in the NFC Championship.

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In the Super Bowl LV, Brady will be making his 10th Super Bowl participation. And if he manages to bring his team to win, it will be his seventh Super Bowl championship to win.

But there is Patrick Mahomes, 25, who is against the records. Back then, Mahomes and mates had made Kansas City won over Buffalo at 38-24 in the AFC Championship Game. Thanks to him and his mates, the Chiefs team will have the opportunity to be the first back-to-back Super Bowl Champions after Brady led New England with the back-to-back titles in 2003 and 2004. but will they be able to succeed? Let’s not forget that the counterpart team has a long time experienced player Tom Brady. It is a huge thing for both parties.

The good thing here is that both teams’ stars have the supporting casts on each side.

The support of Tom Brady are Ronald Jones II and Leonard Fournette. The receiving corps have Mike Evans, Rob Gronkowski, as well as Chris Godwin. Then there are fantastic linebacker Lavonte Davis and Devin White.

For the upcoming prestigious match, both teams have prepared each position with the most talented players. We can say that both teams have been loaded with the most important positions. Tampa Bay will procure the adjustments in the defensive system.

Brady could jeopardize the enemy team strategy because he knows the Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo well. Back then in 2007, he was the Giants coordinator in the Super Bowl. He will rely on Alex Okafor and Frank Clark to give the pressure to the team opponent.

The competition between Brady and Mahomes has been there for a while. Brady will lead the game winning without ever letting his opponents touch the ball. The Buccaneers have not lost at once after defeat to Kansas City.

The challenge is leveraged since Tampa Bay will be playing in their own stadium. It will take a huge effort to manage Brady in the upcoming Super Bowl. We admit that Brady has been playing with spirit, motivation, and confidence this season. It is going to be a huge challenge for the counterpart teams.

Chiefs will be the team to beat. Mahomes showed no problem in handling the Bills with 325 yards and three TDs. It is a fantastic achievement. And with the fact alone, Mahomes could be the best quarterback for the next generation.

Brady will be a huge challenge for Mahomes to earn it. But don’t forget that Mahomes earns Super Bowl MVP honors. The postseasons have been passed. Now, we are getting closer to the moment of truth. Don’t miss it.

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