5 NFL Fantasy Strategies You Should Use Today

We’re near the end of July, so some teams will start their training camps soon. This is also the start of the fantasy football draft season, which means there will be a lot of players looking into creating their drafts and starting their season of fantasy football to win big.

That said, if you’re new to fantasy football, there are many things you might want to check out if you want to win big this season. The games will start soon so you have to be ready. With that said, here are some strategies you might want to look into for your very first fantasy football season.

5 NFL Fantasy Strategies You Should Use Today

Pay Attention to Running Backs

When approaching your Daily Fantasy NFL Games at FanDuel, one of the positions that you need to pay attention to is running backs. The running backs are the team’s workhorse, so ensure you get several quality ones for your fantasy team. That said, here’s a solid tip on how to get yourself a good running back.

When picking a running back, ensure he can handle most of the workload, and you have seen this player do this before. One example is Saquon Barkley, a running back who gets his fair share of the load every year on his team. Also, running backs are the scarcest position, so make sure to load this position up very early on in the draft.

Know the Average Draft Positions

Fantasy football is a lot like chess. You must make a move before and draft a specific player before he gets taken out by someone else. There are a lot of good players in the league right now, and you should never expect that no one else is gunning for the players you’re looking to draft.

That said, you should know the ADP. Most players will follow ADP rules and draft their players based on that. This is a huge mistake on your part, as you will immediately run out of good players. You might want to think outside the box, meaning you should work around the ADP and get more value based on that information.

One way you can practice this is to have mock drafting. It’s the best way to gauge when players are getting drafted. Luckily for you, there are a lot of sites on the internet that let you practice mock drafting, so when the time comes, you’ll be ready.

Play the Match-Ups

This might be given for veterans, but this may be new for beginners. Playing the match-ups is a great way of figuring out who to start with and how to sit weekly. This is true if you have multiple players with the same production value. Let’s have a sample scenario.

For instance, if Gore plays Arizona and Turner plays Chicago, you might want to go for Gore. Another thing that you should consider is team quality. For instance, if Cleveland plays Indianapolis, it seems that Peyton Hillis would be a great pick against Colt’s strong defense.

Anchor Your Team with an Ace QB

Always ensure you get an ace quarterback that puts up points every week. These guys tend to put up the most points every year, so having a great one on your team is essential. The great news is that spotting a QB trend is easier to spot.

Also, make sure that you have a backup QB as well. Injuries can happen, and nothing beats having another great QB in your pocket once your main QB is underperforming or injured. Getting yourself a QB in the 5th round is usually recommended for efficiency.

However, you should remember that sometimes, rookies or 2nd-year players often get inflated for the next draft year. Be careful around here since these players haven’t proven whether they can deliver. Some people make the mistake of drafting them very early on, and then they bust. Always make sure that your QB can deliver.

Avoid Consensus Rankings

Every year, mainstream analysts give out the same copy-pasted rankings and tell people it’s the ADP. They do this because it’s easier, and it’s them playing safe. However, when you follow this, you’ll be committing a big mistake. There is so much more in creating a consensus ranking, so seeing copy-pasted material from last year already tells you they haven’t researched that hard. Remember, the ADP is just a guideline, not the rules. Make sure to do your research instead of following the herd.

Final Words

The football fantasy season is here, and you can bet that action will soon come in. With tons of new players and possible teams you can make this year, action will be coming hard and fast. That said, if you’re planning to have this season, you might want to move now and do your preparations. It’s going to be fun this year. See you there.

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