2023-24 NFL: Who is the Midseason Favorite and Early Picks?

The 2023-24 NFL is finally reaching the midseason. After the games in December, the NFL Wild Card Round will commence, which is perfect after the warm holidays.

Many things have occurred this season, and a particular underdog has been making names for having significant odds of winning the title. If you want to learn more, here’s what you need to know about this year’s favorite to win the 2024 Super Bowl.

2023 24 NFL

Who Are the Favorites to Win the 2024 Super Bowl?

The 2023 Super Bowl winner, Kansas City Chiefs, is currently the favorite to win this season’s Super Bowl. As of writing this article, the Chiefs are leading the AFC West with 8-3 and .727 Pct. The Chiefs have probably the best quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Also, it’s best to mention their tight end Travis Kelce, offensive line with center Creed Humphry, and guard Joe Thuney. As long as this lineup stays healthy, the Kansas City Chiefs have the best odds in the FanDuel NFL Lines. However, it’s still not a guaranteed win after all.

As the league enters the midseason, a new contender has emerged and took the top spot as a favorite to win from the Kansas City Chiefs, namely the 49ers. The San Francisco 49ers quickly overtook the Chiefs’ spot and have become a crowd favorite. They were up against Philadelphia in the NFC Championship last season before eventually falling against the Eagles and getting kicked out of the lineup.

As of writing, the 49ers will continue striving for the Super Bowl, and they are yet to face a rematch in the conference championship. If things go well, fans can expect an exciting game between these two and watch the 49ers win over the cause of their demise last season.

Super Bowl Most Valuable Favorites

Several names come up when discussing the 2024 Super Bowl MVP. However, only one player can celebrate this title annually. Here are the top three favorite players for this season to earn this title.

  • Patrick Mahomes: The Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes is probably one of the most outstanding quarterbacks this season. It’s probably why he’s the top favorite to be the MVP for the 2024 Super Bowl. In 2022, Mahomes won his second NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP. No other player has earned two MVP titles in the same year since 1999.
  • Jalen Hurts: Many sportsbooks believe that Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes are tied in rank, but he’s undervalued. In last season’s MVP voting, Hurts came second after Mahomes, and this season, he’s pretty much just behind Mahomes again as the favorite. However, it’s rough for this contender after missing two games due to a shoulder injury.
  • Travis Kelce: This player is the only tight-end contender for the Super Bowl MVP. Despite being on the same team as the top favorite contender, Travis Kelce’s efforts were recognized by several sportsbooks, and has commended his skills for this season. Thus becoming one of the top favorites for the Super Bowl MVP.

Offensive Player of the Year

This award is presented to the best offensive player in the NFL annually. Fifty sportswriters and broadcasters covering the NFL games will vote at the end of the season. The winner will then be announced during the NFL Honors Ceremony. For this year, one player particularly stood out:

As of writing this article, Tyreek Hill is the top favorite to earn the NFL Offensive Player of the Year award. This season alone, he has already gained 15 yards per reception, which holds 19th rank in the league. He also accounted for 10 (23.8%) of the Miami Dolphins 42 touchdowns. Not only that, but Hill is also at the top of the overall NFL ranking, standing in 13th rank.

Defensive Player of the Year

Defensive players are probably one of the most coveted positions as pass rushers. So, it’s no surprise seeing the elite players line up in this position. As such, the list of contenders for the Defensive Player of the Year is no joke. Myles Garrett from the Cleveland Browns has been the favorite to win this title this year.

Since the last season, this pass rusher has presented outstanding performances and has recorded 16 sacks, and in just six years, Garrett has probably already earned 74.5 sacks. It’s impressive even today, with a league filled with talented defensive players. Not only that, but this player had to deal with several injuries throughout his career, but for the last two seasons, he has only missed one game.

Rookie of the Year

After making his name during the NFL Drafts, CJ Stroud again makes headlines as one of the most outstanding rookies this season. Despite being just a rookie, he has already made a staggering record-setting performance of 49- passing yards and five touchdowns with their win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first week of November.

Moreover, Stroud has been exciting people with his gameplay. He’s a very accurate passer with a high-quality running game. As one of the top rookie quarterbacks, things are looking better in Houston Texans as this player is mixed up with other talented players, such as rookie Tank Dell, healthy John Metchcie III, Dalton Schultz, Robert Woods, and Nico Collins.

Final Thoughts

The NFL regular season has also been a fascinating series of games this year. As such, many fans can’t wait to see how the post-season will take place this season. With many awards to look forward to, this list should give you an insight into who is currently dominating the field. So, if you’re among the many people looking forward to these awards, you should sit back and prepare your list for a fun time.

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