Super Bowl 2020: Best Travel Guide to the Big Game in Miami

There will be the big NFL game which take place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL. This event is called as Super Bowl 2020. it will happen in less than two weeks. And it has never been too late to talk about how to get there, how to travel, book your accommodations, and so forth.


If you haven’t purchased the airline tickets yet, then you must do it right now or it is going to be late. The airfares to Miami from San Francisco, Nashville, Kansas City, as well as Green Bay will be hopping around $229 per pax.

But you can save a lot of money if you and your group want to time your arrival in the day of the Super Bowl. Predictably, you could save an average of 32%. that means you just need to pay $84 per round trip ticket. Consider to check on the airfares online and see if there is any promotion if you are using sort of payments like MasterCard, Payoneer, or other else.

The stays

Probably the airfares are your hardest problem. When it comes to accommodation, you don’t need to worry since Miami and its surroundings have such good stocks of accommodation and facilities. Although some of the hotels are filling up quickly, you will be able to find a room or two in the last minute with your group.

The closer the hotel to the venue of the Super Bowl 2020, the more pricey the room will be. But you can pick the hotel or other lodging options from the surrounding cities of Miami. The price could be from $200 to $300 per night. If those hotels are too pricey, consider to opt to home-share rentals such as AirBNB. This service offers you more affordable options that you can take with your group. Whether you are going alone, with your partner, or with a large group, AirBNB should be able to give you prevalent options to stay with your entourage. the prices of the accommodation can even be half of the normal hotel room.

Super Bowl 2020 celebration on a cruise

Miami has abundant cruise lines and it is only sensible if the tour organizers use this opportunity to offer the fellow football fans to enjoy the festivity on the ship. the review site has good list of the Cruise companies that offer the Super Bowl-themed cruises. That means those who cannot manage to get the tickets can use this opportunity to enjoy the Super Bowl even though they are not in the venue.

But it is also a great option for those who want to spend their fantastic time before or after the game itself. The possibilities are almost endless since the schedules of cruises are more flexible now.

If you’re asking about the right time to book the cruise, well, it is right now! The fares could be under $75 per night per person. And you can tag along your entourage to enjoy your leisure time together with them on a cruise.

Are you getting the tickets game, no?

Reserving your seat in the Super Bowl 2020 venue is possible if you have a large capital. Indeed, the tickets can be price from $5,600 to over $19,000 per pax. While it is not an ordinary price tag for most people, there is still another way to get the ticket: the Super Bowl package.

Chances are the travel agents offer the tour package with the Super Bowl 2020 as the core item. Although these are not luxury packages, these can be fairly good deals. In these packages, you will be able to attain the cheap charter flights from your home city, hotel rooms, game tickets, and probably the pre-game party if you’re lucky. However, the package and its price will really depend on what the travel companies can offer to you.

You can easily find these fairly good deals which include the Super Bowl Tickets, transfers between hotel and venue, as well as other perks. Check on the available travel packages for you and your group. Most of the travel agents give such enormous discounts for folks who order for the large group.

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