Chiefs vs 49ers Odds, Pick and Predictions for Super Bowl 2020

The Super Bowl 2020 is going to be close because both teams are powerful. There will be a tight point spread. That includes the Chiefs which 1 1/2-point favorites over 49ers based on the opening odds. 49ers is definitely coming as the favorite in the upcoming Super Bowl 2020. San Francisco could likely beat Kansas City. But some experts believe that Kansas City won’t come with empty hands.

Chiefs vs 49ers

Despite all of the arguments, we can agree on one thing: this will be a great game, not to be missed. Most predictors suggest that the match will feature one score games that come down to the fourth quarter. Indeed, the upcoming match that involves the two powerful team will not come out easy.

Before we proceed, let’s see the details of the event first.

  • Super Bowl 53: 49ers vs Chiefs
  • Date and Location: Sunday, February 2, 2020, at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Fla.
  • Kickoff: 6:30 p.m. ET.
  • TV coverage: FOX
  • Live Stream: Watch Here

As mentioned, it would be a close call. The Odds are the point spread that comes with Chiefs -1 1/2.

The 49ers indeed have the fuel to outmatch their opponents. Chiefs, as we know it, have such terrifying offense they have great plans to play from heard or behind, running and passing. But 49ers have what it takes to handle Chiefs offense system. Not to mention that the 49ers have such mortified defense on all three levels. It is going to be hard for Chiefs to break the defense of the 49ers.

How about the score then? Alright, it is a close call, but let’s see what we could probably expect as the outcome. The experts suggest that the 49ers will take on Chiefs with 34-31 scores at best.

When it comes to the worse narrative of the upcoming match, the Chiefs will give up the 150 yards rushing or more. Although Chiefs have shown such good efforts in the defense system improvement in the second half of the season, so does the 49ers. The team will post such real threats for the team because of their fantastic attack and strong defensive line.

Back then in the AFC title game, Kansas City manage to handle Tennessee. But we can see that the team was struggling to take over the game. The entire different level can be seen from the 49ers level.

When it comes to the strategy to win, Experts put their money on 49ers because this team has more of elements of surprise. They will come up with the momentum-changing turnover. Rather than anti climax, the result will happen in the last four minutes of the game. Well, it is unsurprising because it is what we really call as a close game. Also, we could expect that the defensive player could be named in the Super Bowl MVP.

For those who haven’t known, you might wonder if Chiefs would be struggling. There’s an answer to that. Chiefs might have problem with their offense. We are not talking about the poor improvement or so. They have amazing offense, indeed. However, they will face more challenging defensive system from the 49ers. 49ers defensive skills are much better than Houston or Tennessee. That’s why in the Super Bowl 2020, they will need to have more effort in working around the defensive challenge. There will be rigorous activities that we can spot on the court when the 49ers and Chiefs are taking on each other. However, the result will not betray that team that deserves the championship title.

It is undeniable that the game will be tough to predict. Rather than offensive play, we would expect to see the major QB play from the beginning of the match to the end. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs will be the nodded elements in the game. As we know, the pass rush done by 49ers is fantastic enough to break the defense of their opponent. It is going to be that close, but still the experts have more confidence that the 49ers are going to win this match.

What improves the morale of the 49ers is that their quarterback had completed just six passes in the NFC. They have more diversity in offense than the counterpart.

So, who you are going to root?

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