2021 Super Bowl Weekend: Watch Halftime Show live Stream, TV Channel, Start time

The Super Bowl Halftime show is one of the biggest music events inside the sport. It has always been an awaited top event that will withdraw most of the sports fans to tune into their favorite channel and share the joyful moment together.

The Halftime Show has tagged along with the biggest names in the music industry from Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Prince, to Beyonce. But the list of great musicians keeps going from year to year.

And for the Super Bowl 2021, we are also expecting something spectacular and surprising. Here’s the information that we’ve got so far.

Who is performing during halftime of Super Bowl 2021?

There have been tons of rumors swirling around the internet about the potential performer for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. We have tons of names to revolve around but the officials have announced one name for the special halftime show, The Weeknd.

Super Bowl Weekend

So far, the amazing performer is the name booked for the Super Bowl 2021. We still have no other names confirmation. But we can agree that we’d expect some special performers as well. Just like many previous halftime shows, there are some special guests that come along with the main performer.

Some folks in popular mass mediums have been suggesting dozens of names who will be performing at the stage. However, there are some big names that caught our attention and we’d like their commencing to be real: Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira.

We can’t overlook the fact that the talented singer Abel Tesfaye has had such amazing years of his career. The latest hit, Blinding Lights, has been sitting at Billboard 100, Canadian Hot 100, as well as the UK Charts. And did you know that such an amazing achievement only happened back in one year?

Well, for Tesfaye’s fans, it is not a new thing. We can agree that the singer has entertained us for the last five years with his amazing songs such as Starboy, I Feel It, Can’t Feel My Face, the Hills, and so on. For the upcoming halftime, we’d expect a huge difference in the setlist. Of course it will be since it will not be the regular concert for the great singer.

We are also not sure whether Daft Punk will join Abel in the stage for Starboy. Or, perhaps, are we going to see Ariana Grande to join the stage for Love Me Harder? All of these things remain to be speculations unless the officials would say so. But it is not wrong to hope for the best, right?

Because of the pandemic, we rarely saw Tesfaye perform in 2020. After a year without live music from top stars, we have the chance to see him again at the big stage of the Super Bowl halftime. What can be better than this anyway?

The 2021 Super Bowl date is getting near. The Canadian star will set the foot on the huge stage. Don’t forget to tune into your favorite channel to see him performing.

Super Bowl 2021 will take place on Sunday, February 7, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Limited numbers of attendees will be sitting on the stage seat. If you’re not the lucky ones, don’t worry. You can witness the moments through your favorite device’s screen.

Who is The Weeknd?


The Weeknd is the stage name of great singer Abel Makkonen Tesfaye. He is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and music producer. Weeknd is very distinct and amazing because of his wide array of tones of vocal, music demonstration, as well as the performances.

In the current timeline, experts have slated him many times as the huge influence to the contemporary style of music.

He started his music career back in 2010 through YouTube. At that time, he hid his true identity. He joined with Republic Records to re-release his old singles. Then in 2013, Kiss Land was released as his debut studio album.

Perhaps some of you recognized him from Beauty Behind the Madness (2015). Well, indeed, it was when the biggest selling singles were up : Can’t Feel My Face, and The Hills.

The third album Starboy (2016) is also one of the best sellers. After Hours which was released a year ago, featured Blinding Lights and Heartless. Although we’d expect him to sing the newest songs from the latest album, we’d also expect him to surprise us with the previous singles as well. Not to mention that the collaboration singles with Daft Punk and Ariana Grande are on the possible setlist as well.

What time does the Super Bowl halftime show start?

The Halftime Showtime will be depending on how the game will run. There is no exact time to show in the formal schedule. However, experts can do such estimation. It will happen roughly 90 minutes after the kickoff takes place. So, you will see the Super Bowl LV halftime show at approximately 8:00 pm ET. Don’t miss it.

Which channel can I watch the Weekend halftime show?

You can watch the Super Bowl 2021 halftime show live stream through the official CBS channel. If you are not up to the CBS through TV cable, you can also find this channel in the package of streaming options like Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, and so on. Keep in mind that the CBS channel is for the US territory.

For the UK viewers, you can watch it for free through the BBC channel. You can watch through traditional TV devices, or mobile devices with the iPlayer app to install. For Sky Sports subscribers, or Now TV pass Subscribers, you can also watch it for free through your mediums options.

How to Watch the Super Bowl halftime show Live Online?

If you already have a subscription to CBS, you can watch the Super Bowl Halftime show live stream using CBS All Access. For the TV cord-cutters, you could always use the streaming services that include CBS in their package. Personally, I’d go for FuboTV because it has been proven as the top provider in the sports industry. But you can always consider the alternatives like Hulu, Youtube TV, sling TV, and others.

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