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Top 5 Memorable Halftime Shows In The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the most renowned events in sports. It is where two leagues, the American Football League and National Football League, battle it out in the stadium to determine who’s the best and claim the championship. This event happens once a year where all fans gather to support their team and witness a hard-fought game full of excitement and entertainment.

Aside from watching a competitive game between the football teams and bettors checking out the NFL Super Bowl Odds, the super bowl is also known for its fantastic halftime shows where it invites celebrities to perform. These are top-notch performances with high-quality choreography, unique stunts, and other gimmicks from the performers that can bring the crowd to their feet together while waiting for the next half of the match.

Many celebrities have performed in the super bowl, giving a lasting impression to fans across the globe. If you haven’t seen one yet, here are some memorable halftime shows in the super bowl that are worth rewatching again.

Super Bowl LVI – 2022

The most recent and fresh is this year’s halftime show. If you are a fan of west coast style hip-hop music, this performance will give you a nostalgic vibe. The performers for this show were the legendary artists of the past decade like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, and a surprise guest, 50 Cent, who gave the crowd a blast in the past.

All artists performed each of their known hits like “Still Dre,” “Lose Yourself,” “Alright,” “Family Affair,” and “In Da Club.” The artists also gave tribute to one of the known rappers in the industry 2pac by singing his song “California Love.” Aside from singing their hits, the performance was also full of dancers and creative choreography that made the halftime show remarkable and became one of the best performances in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLVIII – 2014

When it comes to funky music, choreography, and phenomenal dance moves, you can all expect it from Bruno Mars. During the 2014 super bowl, Bruno gave one of his best performances in the halftime show. Accompanied by a talented band, flashy fireworks, choir, and epic drum solo, the whole crowd grooved with Bruno as the artist sang his famous songs “Locked out of Heaven,” “Treasure,” and “Runaway Baby,” which made the fans dance.

To make the halftime show more remarkable, it had a surprise guest, a legendary rock band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. As the band entered the stage, the crowd went wild as they performed a rendition of one of RHCP’s most significant hits, Give it Away. Despite all the groove and funk, Bruno ended the show by singing Just the Way You Are and showed a short video of military personnel dedicating the song to their loved ones back home.

Super Bowl XXXVI – 2002

When it comes to halftime shows, you will expect a lot of dancing, singing, and creative choreography. But during the 2002 super bowl, it was an emotional performance from the band U2 that made it the most incredible halftime show. This super bowl is significant because it was performed days after the 9/11 incident.

The band performed three of their hits, “Beautiful Day,” “MLK,” and “Where the Streets Have No Name.” The whole performance was emotional as they made it a tribute to the 9/11 victims and the whole country to be optimistic and stay strong despite the tragedy. The performance also included a massive scroll in the stadium showing the victims’ names in the incident to let them know the world would not forget them.

Super Bowl XLVII – 2013

Another significant performance from the halftime show is from Queen Bey herself. Beyonce went political with this performance where the whole choreography, outfits, and symbols foreshadow a tribute to ‘Black Lives Matter.

She referenced the berets of the Black Panther Party, Malcolm X, and Mario Woods to remind the crowd of significant events in history. Beyonce delivered a strong performance by singing her greatest hits and made her statement to remind and inspire everyone on the importance of economic justice.

Super Bowl XXVII – 1993

No one can beat the king of pop Michael Jackson when it comes to greatness on stage presence. This halftime show became remarkable and legendary due to its outstanding choreography and stunts. At that time, MJ’s performance made the show earn 133 billion views, which made the whole crowd groove with the king’s greatest hits like “Black or White” and “Billie Jean.”

Michael owned the whole halftime show with his moves and singing from the beginning to the end. Another remarkable moment from this performance is when he sang “We are the World,” where the crowd raised their cardboards, forming a picture of children holding hands across the stadium. Aside from the outstanding performance, it also served as the standard of the upcoming halftime shows in the following years.

Final Thoughts

Halftime shows are one of a kind. Watching this on stage live is so fulfilling, as you can only see this kind of performance once in a lifetime. These shows are not only for entertainment, but it is also when the people can unite as one and share each and everyone’s smile.

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