How to Watch Super Bowl on Roku 2022

The Super Bowl is a no-miss game. Roku has brought the game to the comfort of your house. Roku 2022 model has come in handy compared to that of 2021. Roku has redesigned the streaming stick to Roku streaming stick 4k. This feature makes it faster and efficient. Roku remote is rechargeable hence can now watch a game from a distance at ease. What more do you need if not this powerful device to have fun watching the super bowl?

When and where is the Super Bowl 2022?

Super Bowl LVI will take place on 13th February 2022 at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles. It is a game expected to attract masses of people across the globe.

How to Watch Super Bowl on Roku 2022

How to watch Super Bowl on Roku in 2022

Roku is the most popular streaming platform for watching American football games. Like in the previous years, this platform will be streaming super bowl 2022 live via different ways and easy

Below is a guide on what to do to watch the super bowl 2022 live online using Roku:

Subscribe to one of the streaming services

You have an option to subscribe to channels that can help you stream live the super bowl game. The TV channels include Sling TV, Fubo TV, and Youtube TV. The fun of watching such a game is calling your friends to have a taste of the game together. The service is cheap and worth it.

Watch Super Bowl on Roku game channel

You can watch Super Bowl games for free on the NBC channel. Activate NBC on Roku using the steps below.

  • Go to the home screen.
  • Select Streaming Channels.
  • Search NBC from the list provided.
  • Select Add Channel.
  • Select Go to channel.
  • Create an NBC profile if prompted.
  • Launch the channel to get an activation code.
  • Go to

Use the NBC Sports app

By downloading this NBC Sports app via, you can watch the super bowl on Roku. This app is an alternative app to the NFL app. IT is steadfast to ensure that you don’t miss the big game.

Download the NFL app on Roku

NFL means National Football League. The NFL app is effective as you can watch any national game in your comfort choice. Using the app, you will have the pleasure to watch the super bowl 2022 game.

Roku TV with antenna

People having Roku televisions with an antenna can tune into broadcast TV. It is the cheapest way to watch American football. You have more advantages if you reside in America.

Use of Comcast or Spectrum cable

Those lacking antennae have an alternative way to watch super bowl 2022. Install Roku with Comcast or Spectrum cable. The two have a similar function to that of the antenna. You will be able to watch the game for free at the comfort of your home.

Watch using a participating pay-TV provider

Participating pay-TV provider means a new and upcoming TV channel. Such a channel may opt to give its customers free links to watch a game. Roku has plenty of such TV channels. You can take advantage of this one-time opportunity and watch the super bowl 2022 game.

As we all await to watch the super bowl game 2022, ensure you all it takes to have fun watching. Roku is the deal that never fails in gaming. Purchase the Roku 2022 model. The model has plenty of TV channels relevant for all ages.

Moreover, it has many alternatives in watching channels. You can use broadcast TV, live stream, or use apps related to Roku. Enjoy the Super Bowl 56 moments with Roku.

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