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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: When is the fight, PPV Cost, and what channel is it on?

The boxing verse fans have been enthusiastic to see how it goes on with the upcoming super exhibition that will involve Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul in the ring.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight

The officials have confirmed that the date of the event is 20 February 2021. But that’s the only details of the fight that we have reached so far. The starting time, the venue, and other detailed information might still be in the process.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

The boxing champion Mayweather confirmed the upcoming bout to be happening through his official Instagram account back then. Although there is no clear reason why this fight is happening, we can easily see that it is about “money”.

There will be huge audiences who will be watching the festivity from their favorite screens. And if you are one of the biggest boxing fans out there, it is also possible for you to expect the fight to come in the future. As confirmed by the officials, it is going to be a fantastic spectacle to watch.

What channel is Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight on?

This super exhibition is going to be a PPV event. You can reserve your PPV option right now from the official live streaming provider online.

Fanmio is the live streaming provider that provides PPV packages for viewers across the globe. The current price of the PPV is no other than $24.99. but the price will eventually go up if you don’t reserve the PPV ticket right now. Here are the schemes of the pricing according to the official sellers.

The opening price is $24.99.

After One million PPV ticket sales, the price will rise to $39.99 per pax.

And then, after December 29, the price will go up again to $59.99.

The last whopping price is starting from February 11, where you need to pay $69.99 per PPV option.

The PPV event that involves Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul will perform on a live video platform namely Fanmio.

For some avid sports fans on earth, it might be a new name. The service provider claims “ to create the best fan experiences accessible to everyone around the globe “.

I guess that provider lives up to their own words. No matter where you are, you want to watch the bout Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul by purchasing the PPV package from Fanmio.

Fanmio is compatible with many devices. You can open the service on your laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, and other compatible devices.

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