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8 Greatest Super Bowl Moments of All Time

Every Super Bowl produces iconic moments that football fans worldwide can’t forget. Numerous things can happen at a Super Bowl match. This list is a great way to remember our roots, what happened in the Super Bowl past that made fans around the world filled with emotions, and so much more!

Super Bowl Moments of All Time

So to help you prepare for next year’s Super Bowl LVII, read below to learn more about what makes an event in the Super Bowl memorable. Then, read on below to get a nice blast of the past.

Julian Edelman’s Catch

Julian Edelman won last year’s Super Bowl as the MVP, but his memorable and most significant moment in football history already happened two years earlier. It happened during a match against the Patriots and Falcons, during the game-tying part of the play.

Tom Brady’s pass would be nearly intercepted by Robert Alford, Falcon’s comeback. The ball was then deflected to the air, which prompted Julian Edelman to stop his route and dive backward instead – along with three other Atlanta defenders. But, it was before he scooped the ball out of a Falcon player’s hand and leg and collected it just before they hit the ground.

It was New England’s greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. If you’re ever confused about who to bet on, find MVPs like Julian Edelman to place your bets on during Super Bowl betting. Julian Edelman may already be retired, but you can surely find another set of amazing football players at next year’s Super Bowl.

James Harrison’s Interception Return

James Harrison’s interception return remains one of the most iconic Super Bowl moments. It ended the first half of the Super Bowl XLIII despite being overshadowed by numerous game-winning touchdown passes from Ben Roethlisberger to Santonio Holmes. Harrison’s 100-yard interception return is indeed the game’s most crucial play.

David Tyree’s Helmet Catch

The Giants were just two points down from falling short of their first Super Bowl win in 17 years. Both teams weren’t showing signs of fatigue, and everyone was on their A-game during Super Bowl XLII. The Patriots were showing good results from their training because they were only 1:15 away from securing the perfect season.

However, this all changed when a miracle happened. Eli Manning improbably freed himself from multiple defenders’ grasp, heaved the ball downfield, and eventually connected with David Tyree. The latter pressed the ball against his helmet and held on for dear life for the ball, even when it was inches away from the ground.

The Super Bowl XLII is known for David Tyree’s helmet catch, where the player literally used his head for the game. This moment helped snag their win and ended the Patriots’ perfect season that Tom Brady led.

Prince’s Super Bowl XLI

Only a few people could steal the show from Peyton Manning, but Prince’s performance during the Super Bowl XLI at halftime was one of those rare occasions. Prince was a beloved musician during his time, and during the present, he won numerous Grammy Awards and produced numerous hit songs.

The Very First Overtime

It happened at Super Bowl LI. It was the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. It was a game at 28-28, so it was sent into overtime. The game went to the Patriots when they won the coin toss, and it just took less than four minutes to drive down the field for the winning score.

The Picture-Perfect Catch

Super Bowl XLIII came down to its final drive when the Steelers were punctuated with Holmes’ touchdown reception. It’s where Santonio Holmes sealed their win when he went airborne in the corner of the end zone and managed to keep his feet in bounds after he landed with the ball in hand.

When Whitney Houston Sang An Amazing National Anthem

You can find clips of Whitney Houston singing at the Super Bowl XXV on YouTube. Her amazing grace moved every fan’s heart at that stadium.

When Leon Lett Celebrated Too Early

This moment remains stuck in fans’ minds, especially those who got to watch Super Bowl XXVII. This event unfolded when the Cowboys were winning against the Bills. It was almost a sure win when Lett recovered a fumble and ran towards the end zone.

However, when he entered the 10-yard line, Leon Lett slowed down and held the ball out to show off to the fans, or maybe he was just that happy. Sadly, the Bills’ wide receiver, Don Beebe, caught up to Leon Lett, knocked the ball out of his hands, and brought it into the end zone for a touchback. This moment remains one of the biggest failures in Super Bowl history.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the memorable events of the Super Bowl, doesn’t it make you understand and feel the same emotions that fans felt during that time? It’s incredible that so much has happened and will continue to happen, even in 2023. The Super Bowl is a long-standing annual competition, so there’s still a chance you can be part of or witness history.

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